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Conjoint Couple Psychotherapy

The Gold Standard in supporting couples in crisis

It is widely accepted that some couples benefit greatly from being seen by two therapists working in tandem in a 'two-by-two' setup. Not only does the 'team' bring their combined expertise but their presence sets up a very different dynamic than compared to working with a single therapist.  

Two psychotherapists working with a couple minimises 'triangulation' in other words, the problems inherent to 'groups of three' where a sense of one person feeling excluded can so easily set in. This joint working helps diffuse conflict and facilitates the creation of an atmosphere in which understanding can flourish. It also allows gender-related differences and anxieties to be addressed with greater sensitivity. 

The methodology I practice was developed at Tavistock Relationships in London  over the past 70 years or so ( It is generally acknowledged to be more effective than standard treatment particularly if the couple are very upset about the difficulties they face. The only downside is that the method doubles the expense. 

If conventional couple psychotherapy with one therapist is unappealing to you or previous attempts in couple counselling failed, then you might wish to consider conjoint couple therapy. Availability of this specialist service is limited so please contact me soonest to discuss options. 

The Team

I offer conjoint therapy with Elle Sidel, a respected colleague and a graduate of Tavistock Relationships. She has completed the MA in Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy and like myself has years of experience in conjoint couple psychotherapy. She currently holds works as a visiting clinician at the Tavistock Relationship clinic where she is also a staff member on the specialist parenting consultation team.