Your Concerns

Personal Worries

 We all pass through moments in our lives where we feel depleted or find ourselves struggling to overcome difficulties. Counselling and psychotherapy offer a tried and tested way of finding the means to manage the realities we face and work towards changing them for the better. I am experienced in assisting you if you currently experience the following:

  • Depression or disabling sadness
  • Obsessional thoughts
  • The aftermath of trauma
  • Feelings of loss
  • Feelings of emptiness
  • Dissatisfaction with an aspect of your behaviour
  • Worry about your sexuality
  • Relationship difficulties

 Or desire to:

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself
  • Discover a sense of meaning and purpose
  • Improve the quality of your relating with your loved ones
  • Better your ability to parent effectively
  • Wish to review your lifestyle and/or goals in life

The above is not an exhaustive list of life situations clients have brought to my attention and I remain willing to offer consultation whatever your current situation as to whether counselling and psychotherapy are likely to be of help. My training in counselling psychology means I will offer you a bespoke an approach tailored to your particular needs. 

Relational Concerns

 Relationships are an extremely personal and important part of our life and an area that requires a sensitive consideration. I appreciate that there is often a need to solve  problematic situations alongside a desire to understand particular experiences. Often a limited number of sessions prove sufficient to both to address a crisis and provide some awareness of ‘what goes wrong’.  Some individuals and couples desire and benefit from a more explorative, longer-term approach.  I am experienced in helping couples when:

  • Living together has become distressing
  • Relatively minor issues provoke excessive turmoil 
  • Sex has become problematic
  • Infidelity has happened
  • An imbalance of power  is a cause of concern
  • A desire to end a relationship is coupled with a hope for a less conflict ridden separation

Whatever your current relational problem, you can contact me for a consultation to explore the likelihood that my expertise in counselling and psychotherapy will be able to be of help you address  your situation.   

A Note for Men (and their partners)

 Stereotypes, and to some degree, experience suggests that men are less enthusiastic than women about seeking help when they face relational (and other) difficulties.  While men are often blamed for such avoidance, this is often related to the the nature of counselling itself.  Some critics have noted that counselling and psychotherapy originally developed in a context where women were the prototype client such that men’s needs were largely ignored in the mistaken belief that men are essentially less prone to distress (thus failing to be sensitive to men’s situations).  This often resulted in psychotherapy feeling rather irrelevant in addressing core issues in men’s lives. 

 Fortunately, in the last twenty years, this imbalance has been addressed with research and theoretical developments (often spearheaded by counselling psychology) that provide men with a more experience-near understanding of their behaviours, dilemmas and feelings.  I have a keen interest in male psychology and gender-sensitive psychotherapy and this normally allows me to provide a context in which most people can discuss matters that are of importance to themselves with ease.  If you are male (or female) and uncomfortable with what counselling or psychotherapy might involve for yourself or your partner, I am available for a brief discussion of these matters over the phone and possibly to arrange for a lengthier consultation.