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Individual, relationship and marriage counselling with Dr Pierre Cachia

Individual, relationship and marriage counselling with Dr Pierre Cachia

Individual, relationship and marriage counselling with Dr Pierre CachiaIndividual, relationship and marriage counselling with Dr Pierre Cachia


I am experienced in seeing both individual and couples online having designed and currently lead and supervised the innovative online therapy service at Tavistock Relationships


I appreciate that finding the right therapist is not always easy and I hope the info provided here will help you see whether my background and training is likely to meet your needs. I am specialized in seeing both individuals and couples and I am happy to advise you if you are unsure as to whether you should seek therapy alone or together with your partner.   

My main practice is based in South London, Kingston upon Thames and in Mayfair, Central London.  I also offer online counselling and psychotherapy.

Your Concerns

My experience and training in individual, family and couple approaches to psychological well-being and psychotherapy allow me to help you address a very wide range of challenges life may be throwing at you.  



Counselling Psychology

Counselling psychology is a distinct profession within psychology with a specialist focus, which links most closely to the allied professions of psychotherapy and counselling. 

It pays particular attention to the meanings, beliefs, context and processes that are constructed both within and between people and which affect the psychological well being of the person. Counselling psychologists focus on people’s mental representations of events, and the particular significance of these for relationships with themselves and with others (source, BPS).

Counselling psychology adopts the  scientist-practitioner model requiring a solid grasp of research (counselling psychologists are often involved in research themselves), developmental psychology, brain function and neurology (the more biological aspects of mental life) as well as competence in therapeutic work.


Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy knows its roots in the history of psychoanalysis and its fascination with unconscious aspects of personality.  This more awareness focused approach is best suited to those wishing to understand their predicament and develop freer, more creative ways of being within themselves, with others and in their love relationships.  

In reaction to these in depth approaches other methodologies were eventually developed ranging from the more behavioural, cognitive behavioural and systemic  approaches adding new ways of providing psychological intervention.  I am also trained in these less intensive, but at times equally effective approaches.  

The choice of methodology will be made in consultation with yourself , depending on your situation and in a personalised manner.


Couple Psychotherapy

Couple therapy  or marriage counselling allows a couple to examine established patterns of relating supported by the therapist's input.  Often life leads to a loss of connection of an emotional, intellectual or sexual type and this can be extremely upsetting.  The influence of life events or third parties can lead to relationships becoming very difficult places to be in.  Couple psychotherapy aims to lead to an appreciation of the  behavioural and environmental factors, beliefs and feelings that undermine happiness.  

Sometimes, couple therapy allows personal difficulties to be explored with the support of one's partner.  This is a recent development in couple psychotherapy and one that offers promise to individuals that have found a more individual approach too upsetting or unhelpful. 

I trained and currently work as a head clinician at Tavistock Relationships, a world renowned centre of excellence in the field.